Rezaroma is the pioneer in the Middle East region of aroma marketing and ambient scent solutions. The company is a division of Reza Investments, initiated through Reza Hygiene, the leading provider of sanitation products, systems and solutions in KSA and the wider region, and is part of the Reza group of companies. Rezaroma services all of the GCC, and has offices in KSA, Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar.


Products and services

The company provides ambient fragrancing for all kinds of indoor environments, from small washrooms through to large complexes, including retail outlets, showrooms, hotel lobbies, public transport, offices, banks, public buildings, fitness and leisure outlets, domestic environments and more.

Using a range of unique delivery systems, the liquid fragrances are atomised into a dry vapour before injection into existing air-conditioning systems via a unique diffusion system, or portable units suitable for smaller areas. All systems are installed and maintained by Reza Hygiene’s professional technical team.


Why Rezaroma?

Smell is the second most important of the human senses. It can alert, entice, relax and even motivate. It’s been shown that the appropriate fragrance creates a pleasant environment where stress levels are reduced and corporate or brand images are enhanced.

The company was the first and is still the only major provider in the whole region of ambient fragrancing solutions. To date, it has provided over 35,000 separate fragrance dispensers.

The company partners with a range of fragrance houses to deliver whatever specification is required, addressing employee or consumer needs, as well as customer demographics. Clean, fresh, floral, rural, exotic or something as specific as fresh linen, bread or coffee, to name just a few examples, or any combination or specification a customer might want. In addition, fragrances can be combined with a malodour neutraliser.

The company is a member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), and adheres to strict safety, purity, regulatory and environmental guidelines.


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A Division of Dar Reza Company Ltd. LLC.
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Office No: 104, As Safa Building, 1st Floor
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Division Manager:
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