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The Saudi Company of Chemical Trading Ltd. (Chemtrade) is a Reza Investment majority owned company. It’s a chemical distribution enterprise established in 1979 to cater to the chemical raw material needs of the fast-growing industrial sector in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.  Chemtrade was established by three Saudi family owned companies and in collaboration for management with Mobil Saudi Arabia (now ExxonMobil). The management collaboration with Mobil Saudi Arabia ended in 2000, and today Reza Investment, the majority shareholder, manages the company.

The shareholders of Chemtrade as well as Mobil Saudi Arabia went on to establish in the mid 1980s  Arabian Chemical Terminals ( ACT ), the first commercial liquid chemical bulk storage terminal in Saudi Arabia. ACT commissioned its first terminal in 1987 in Yanbu on the Western coast of Saudi Arabia. This allowed Chemtrade to import and distribute liquid chemicals in bulk form. Chemtrade remains today the only chemical distribution company with bulk liquid capability in Saudi Arabia. Mobil (now ExxonMobil ) exited from its part ownership in 2002 and ACT today is managed by Reza Investment Company, the majority stakeholder. ACT has commissioned its second bulk liquid chemical terminal in Jubail, on the Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.


Products and services

Chemtrade specialises in the distribution of both liquid and solid chemicals to industries using these chemicals as raw materials in their production. The company has specialized warehouses across Saudi Arabia from which it can service its customers quickly and efficiently. Industries/sectors served include refineries, petro-chemicals, flexible foam, electrical transformers, plastics, cables, paints, and waterproofing, among various other industries.

Chemtrade has exclusive distribution agreements with multinationals in these sectors, such as Exxon Mobil, Bayer Material Science and Nynas Naphthenics.  It plays a key role in helping many of its customers to compete successfully in distant and highly competitive markets, such as the USA and South America, by providing cost effective logistics for their chemical raw material needs.


Why Chemtrade?

The company offers a high quality, reliable and, above all, a complete delivery service of chemicals that covers the whole supply chain, from pick-up and shipping to custom clearance and delivery to the customer’s site. Chemtrade also prides itself on after sales technical services, which include visits by technically proficient personnel as well as regular technical seminars.

By leveraging ACT’s bulk storage facilities, Chemtrade is able to purchase, store and deliver to customers their liquid chemical requirements in an efficient, reliable, cost effective, and above all safe manner and thereby saving customers on their storage requirements as well as product costs.

Flexibility is also a key factor, with a full range of logistics modes offered, from drums and ISO Tanks through to Flexi Containers and tanker trucks deliveries for bulk. Drumming and blending are available at ACT’s facilities. Dedicated warehouses in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam mean that products can be stored near to customer sites for fast delivery.


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