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JCDecaux Group is the world leader in Outdoor Media, and as the largest operator in Airport Advertising reaching one in three passengers globally. JCDecaux and their partners cover over 211 airports in over 40 countries worldwide.

JCDecaux ATA is a joint venture between JCDecaux and Advanced Technical Advertising (ATA), of which Reza is a major shareholder. The JCDecaux ATA head office is located in Riyadh, with a strong national reach through other branches located in Jeddah, Dammam and Madinah.


Products and Services

In 2010, JCDecaux ATA signed a 10 year agreement with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) for the exclusive advertising concession in all 26 airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since then, JCDecaux ATA has developed and installed a wide range of strategic assets, providing advertisers with sophisticated solutions that optimise the impact of their campaigns in and out of the terminals. By following global standards and providing much-improved services to passengers across KSA, JCDecaux ATA has also worked closely with GACA to provide a variety of sponsored service-oriented projects such as Kids Corners, Clock Sponsorships, Flight Info Panels, TV Sponsorships and Smart Stations (battery charge stations).

In addition, development continues in other areas such as train stations, malls, municipal areas and privately owned sites. This presents potential advertisers with the unique opportunity to strategically promote their brands and to engage their audiences in multiple ways, thereby attracting a very diverse range of clients in a wide array of industries.


Why JCDecaux ATA?

JCDecaux invented the concept of street furniture, and since 1964 have consistently come up with smart, eye-catching ideas and innovative advertising solutions that have separated them from their competitors. JCDecaux ATA draws upon this wealth of experience to ensure that the most visible locations are always utilised, and that the company’s positive reputation for high quality panels and exceptional product maintenance is always preserved.

By helping the KSA airports become more attractive, and by implementing global standards of quality and operation, JCDecaux ATA has played its part in making the airports more welcoming, thus creating value in the eyes of passengers and advertisers alike. Put simply, the attractive sites reflect positively on what’s being advertised. JCDecaux ATA is always in contact with the top manufacturers and advertisers in the market learning the latest technologies and using them to create new and exciting ways to promote brands.

Being part of the JCDecaux Group and JCDecaux Airport Association gives JCDecaux ATA the unique ability to coordinate campaigns at international, national and local levels.


Others about us


"Over the past 4 years we have enjoyed a positive and successful relationship with JCDecauxATA. Our presence across their network of 22 airports provided dominant and consistent coverage for our audience. We look forward to further success and growth." 


Key Rent a Car

"JCDecauxATA helped us launch a symmetrical campaign in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam airports.Selecting the right media across multiple contact points has increased our visibility and impact with potential customers, resulting in positive ROI."


Al Dawaa

"With the help of JCDecaux ATA, we launched a symmetrical national campaign across 15 airports in Saudi Arabia. Our dominant branding on the exit doors positioned us as the last point of contact with arriving passengers, resulting in an increased brand recall and higher awareness."


Al Jumaih

"Professionalism and exceptional customer service... We are delighted to say that working with JCDecauxATA is a rewarding experience."

Kia Motors

"We are very happy with our presence in Riyadh Airport. Utilizing the arch helps us maintain an image of quality. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with JCDecauxATA."



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