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Reza HealthTEC provide a wide range of Food Safety Training, HACCP, SQF and ISO 22000 development services.

Reza HealthTEC focus on the right training, the right technical solutions, and “front-line” assistance in implementing your entire hygiene and food safety program. Reza HealthTEC share the accountability for “total microbial safety and assured results”. We help to develop your procedures and systems.

Reza HealthTEC tools are effective training, effective cleaning and disinfection methods, and concise documentation “integrated into a proven system” that assures results and provides compliance with multiple Standards.


Products and services

Reza HealthTEC have experience providing successful and economic solutions to a wide range of facilities:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Large-scale Catering
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Poultry and Diary Operations
  • Facility Bio-security

Reza HealthTEC experience includes high-level solutions for Hospitals, Food Processing and Poultry/Dairy Operations. Reza HealthTEC can provide all aspects of a successful Hygiene and Food Safety program, from design and development, through training and new procedure implementation, with full support for documentation required for compliance with International Standards.

We offer UK Certified courses from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), our popular Reza Branded REAL FOOD SAFETY courses, and highly effective courses for Hospital Housekeeping, Infection Control, and Pest Control.

We have access to engineers, entomologists, chemists and microbiologists from our manufacturing partners in case any of your emerging needs should stretch our abilities.

We work closely with your staff to improve their performance and compliance with your food safety procedures, processes, and documentation requirements.


Why Reza HealthTEC

Reza HealthTEC invests in the training of your staff, focusing on how the training is implemented in your facility, and how it affects safety results.

We help your staff to understand the "whole safety system" approach, to facilitate compliance with International Standards as required for your Inspection Audits. 


Head Office

P. O. Box: 18636
Alireza Tower, 13th Floor
Madinah Road
Jeddah - 21425
Saudi Arabia

Toll Free: 9200 28787
Tel: +966 12 657 2877
Fax: +966 12 657 2832

Division Manager:
Brian Prystupa